Berks & Bucks County FA Criminal Record Guidance

Criminal Record Checks – March 2014

Responsible Recruitment: Getting the right people involved

The Law

  • Protection of Freedoms Act 2012
  • Describes “Regulated Activity” (who must have a check)
  • Allows The FA to see criminal histories
  • Prohibits barred people from working with children
  • Requires the FA to be fair to ex offenders

The FA

  • Requires Criminal Record Checks (CRC) of people in “Regulated Activity”

Regulated Activity

Consider what they do:

  • Teaching, training, supervising, instructing, giving advice or guidance on well being, caring for children or driving a vehicle only for children (Under 18)

And how often they do it:

  • Once a week or more
  • Four or more days in thirty day period
  • Overnight

And if it is unsupervised:  Supervision means – ongoing, day to day, carried out by some in Regulated Activity

Who must have a check?

  • Coach
  • Manager
  • Club Welfare Officer
  • Driver and First Aider*
  • Parent-helper **

*depends on frequency

** depends on frequency and task

Online applications – £10 per volunteer – quicker, cheaper and easier

Timelines for phasing in renewals of Criminal Record Checks

Berks & Bucks FA Policy on the renewals process is that any Criminal Record Check/CRB that is 2009 or older should be renewed by the start of the new season (2014/2015).

Any additional recent checks (i.e. those from 2010 to 2012) should be renewed by the beginning of the season 2015/2016 and from this period onwards, all Criminal Record Checks should be renewed every three years.

Please use Member Services to monitor the renewals requirements of your Club and the dates of accepted Criminal Record Checks/CRB’s.


All referees registered with the Berks & Bucks FA will be required to have an in date CRC – i.e. dated within the past three years and this will be implemented for the Season 2014/2015.

Update Service

If you wish to use the Update Service the applicant must register within 14 days of the CRC issue date.

Register by logging onto (free to volunteers)

Inform The FA that you have registered for the update service by contacting them on or 0845 251 5000 and pay £10 charge for administration of the update service.

Keep your log in information safe for the update service – keep your registration with the update service current by logging in and re registering annually.  The FA will carry out checks annually from that point forward with no further fee to pay.

However, if there is a change in circumstances (criminal history) noted on an applicant during an update check then they will be required to apply for a new CRC.  This is because The FA will not know what the change in circumstance is and will need to make sure that it does not affect the suitability of the applicant to be involved in regulated activity.  If the applicant fails to have a new CRC they will be suspended for non compliance to manage the unknown risk.

This service will only be financially viable if you have a coach who is liable to remain with the club for 6 years or more as they will effectively pay £20 at the beginning of the process and then pay nothing more as long as the registration with the update service remains valid.  The only time an applicant would be required to carry out a new check is if there is a change in the circumstances of the applicant noted during an update check or if they move address.

Portability and Restrictions

Anyone bringing their CRC from another organisation will have to have their ID verified by using the Post Office ID checking service (cost £7.15).  The Post Office will certify copies to say they are a true likeness of the original.  These must be sent to the FACRB with a cheque for £10.  Porting cannot be done via Club or County FA verifiers.

If someone wishes to port their check in from another organisation they need to have:

  • Applied for their Disclosure after 17th June 2013
  • They need to have subscribed to the Update Service
  • They need to have their original Disclosure Certificate

If they do not meet all of the above then it is unlikely they can port their Disclosure but we strongly suggest that in any event the applicant contacts the FA Team to check this on

Also if a CRC has been carried out for a different level or different barred list and/or workforce then this cannot be ported.  Again if the applicant is unsure of this they should contact

A check cannot be ported from a volunteer role to a paid role even if the above criteria are met.